How to write an abstract for a systematic literature review

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How to... write a literature review

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What is Grounded Theory?

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Context: Continuous delivery is a software development discipline in which software is always kept releasable. The literature contains instructions on how to adopt continuous delivery, but the adoption has been challenging in practice. Objective: In this study, a systematic literature review is conducted to survey the faced problems when adopting continuous delivery.

This is an important question to ask yourself. As well as helping you to write a good literature review, fully understanding the need for such work is what allows you to know you're on-track, why.

In this blog, we review various academic writing resources such as academic phrasebank, academic wordlists. Some reporting guidelines are also available in languages other than English. Find out more in our Translations section.

We have also translated some of our website pages into other languages. What is Grounded Theory? All research is "grounded" in data, but few studies produce a "grounded theory." Grounded Theory is an inductive methodology.

And on this issue we must be chary of a potential illogic: many authors argue that inclusion of grey literature serves to modulate the conclusions of systematic review or meta-analysis when drawn.

How to write an abstract for a systematic literature review
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What is a Literature Review?